Saturday, December 29, 2012

After one week of working out

After my exam last Friday, January 21st, I decided to hit the gym for 7 days straight.  None of those gym sessions were very long: on average, ~1 hour each.  Still, I was exhausted after every one, which was a sign that I was sorely (literally!) out of shape.  I tried to clean up my diet a little too, staying around 1500-1600 calories per day.  

Yesterday (day 7) was the first time I felt like I could go a little longer on the elliptical, so I also began my 0 to 5K running plan (which I got through a free iPhone app).  I re-tried the khakis that were too tight for comfort last weekend and noticed that they were a little less unbearable (still, a long way to go!).   And this morning, I decided to give a weigh-in a try.  Oh boy... all I can say is, it's a good thing I didn't do a weigh-in last week.   After 7 days of a lifestyle makeover I was at:

134.6!  Hey, at least I'm <135? I guess that's the positive way of looking at it.  The other way would be, holy cow.  Did I really hover over 135 for for the last bit of my semester?  How did I put on nearly 10 pounds this semester?  I guess I totally underestimated the consequences of my junk-eating and frequent-overstuffing.  The number doesn't make me very happy but I'm motivated to see something in the lower 130s next Saturday.  It'll require my continued efforts at the gym, increased water intake and continued dedication to cleaner eating.  My academic credence is that Nothing worth achieving is ever easy, and the same applies to my weight!


  1. Weight can really creep in on us out of nowhere huh! Great job on being dedicated and hitting the gym for 7 straight days though. I'm sure if you keep at it, you'll be at your goal pretty soon!

  2. Thanks- I'm trying to keep it up!