Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just 5 days away from 2013

With just 5 days left of this year, I've got resolutions on the brain.  Actually I've been thinking about them since before Christmas, and I've concluded that I'm going to set 6 month goals.  An entire year's worth of goals is a bit daunting and never (ever!) accomplishable.  So here's my list of goals (a list that is still a work in progress) to be accomplished by July 2013:

  1. Lose the extra weight (~20 lbs)
  2. Get into a Masters program
  3. MIT diploma
  4. Build up this blog
  5. Run a half marathon in under 1:51
  6. Save $7K 
  7. Pay off all credit cards
  8. Book deal with MIT Press
  9. Find my own apartment
  10. Super MCAT score
As you can see, there is a lot I want to get done in six months, but it's not impossible.  
#3 & #7 are in the works.  
#1 & #5 will take steady, unflagging dedication to healthier eating and increased fitness
#2 will be launched after my exam on January 4th
#4 has been started but will required significant networking and consulting to build
#6 will require penny pinching! Not the most fun project but will definitely be worth it
#8 & 10 will be launched after all my Masters applications are sent out
#9 will be accomplished after getting into a masters Program

What are your goals?

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