Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cramming my Cranium

Tomorrow evening I have a rather large exam for my Thermodynamics and kinetics class.  Due to added coursework in other classes and increasing amounts of work to do at the office, I've fallen a little behind in this class.  Fortunately, the professor uploads his lecture notes for all his lectures but it's still looking all very Greeky to me.. crap!

I've been having a bit of an internal freakout but since that doesn't really help any, I have created my own plan of attack.

Eve of Exam
1. Go through the lecture notes 2x to just get an initial understanding of the material.
2. Go through the lectures a third time and pull the major equations and concepts from it to a separate sheet of paper.
3. Go through the notest I've created 2x
4. Go through practice problem.  If I can't get them, go through the solutions.
5. Repeat each of the questions I had trouble with on fresh pieces of paper at least 2x.

Exam Day
1. Go through my notes again 2x
2. Go through practice problems again

How do you guys study last minute?

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