Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Out of the Woods

Storm hit my town with a senseless fury and shut off the power around 3 yesterday.  It was dark by 4:30 and my family had leftovers for an early dinner by candlelight at 5.  For some reason (maybe I'm sick?) I was unbearably exhausted, and I hit the sack around 5:30pm!  I woke up for a quick (and freezing cold!!) wash up around 7:30pm and then I was back to my solitary snoozefest.  I slept continuously for another 10 hours and woke up this morning to the unpleasant sound of my alarm system that had gone bonkers without power.  After disconnecting a few wires, I got all primitive and lit a fire so I could boil some water in a kettle to brew a little COFFEE.  I cannot do anything without it.  Breakfast was a single leftover banana muffin and coffee from my girl scout setup.  Not loving the no-power thing, but I have to thank God for our family getting through this hurricane safely.  When I see shots of NJ and NYC, I can't complain at all!

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