Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quick Exercise Options At Home

I've discovered some great exercise options that you can download and do at home, for whatever amount of time you have in your schedule.

10 minutes?

Peak Performance Abs workout

Jumprope.  If you're going moderately, you'll burn ~11 calories/ minute.  If you step it up in intensity, you can burn ~20 calories/minute.

20 minutes?

Strength Espresso workout

Total body Workout

KBC (Kickbox, Booty and Core) Workout

30 minutes?

Cardio Kick Butt Workout

Jog for 30 minutes.  If you jog a 10 minute mile, you'll burn ~300 calories in 30 minutes!

45 minutes?

Strengthen & Condition Workout by Brooke Burke

Jog for 45 minutes. Again, at a 10 minute mile, you'll burn ~450 calories!

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