Thursday, November 29, 2012

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The past week has been such a head-jammer: Thanksgiving, then post-Thanksgiving duties, appointments and a million exams.  I'm in the homestretch at school.  Exactly 2 weeks of classes left, and 10 days of exams.  It's a tough road but I see the light!

The diet hasn't been entirely atrocious but not the best either.  I've decided not to stress about it so much.  With my demanding schedule and goals, I can't commit as much as it takes to lose the weight I want and need to, but that's okay.  My priority is school and my career right now, not my physique.  When my schedule loosens up a bit, I'll refocus on the exercise and diet.

There are 33 days left of the year.  What are your 33 day resolutions?

Mine are:

  1. Finish school with flying colors
  2. Budget my Christmas expenses
  3. Moderate my food intake
  4. Exercise 3x/week
  5. Get at least 5.5-6 hours sleep/night

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