Friday, November 9, 2012

Hit the Gym

Yesterday I hit the gym for the first time in a while!  I mean, I have a little exercise area at home where I do my workout DVDs and basic hand weights/bands, but going to the gym is a whole different animal.  To add madness to the fury, I had a training session with a friend trainer of mine.  She just had me do basic things plus some interval training and initially I thought it wasn't so bad.  Then... I got home. I was so hungry last night (hence the kit kat cave in) and sooo tired.  Studying didn't happen past midnight (but I'm hoping to make up for it this morning!)  But hot D@mn, I feel good!  The sore muscles.. love it!

Anyways, Happy Friday everybody!  With a long weekend coming up, I'm planning on a lot of sleep, a lot of studying and a lot more exercise!  How about you guys?

1 comment:

  1. Hey lady! Is there any way for me to "follow" your blog?? I'm a bit clueless with this blogging stuff still but I want to follow along!

    Sounds like a pretty good workout day!