Thursday, November 1, 2012

Preventing Procrastination Policies

Happy November!  

As I mentioned in my first post, I am very good at procrastinating.  My most frequented forms of wasting time include:

  1. Watching tv shows/movies online
  2. Reading too many blogs
  3. Shopping - online (!!)
  4. Make 3 month- 'schedules' that I never seem to actually follow through with
  5. Pigging out
Aside from these things, I'm pretty efficient with my time.  I have to be!  Therefore, I've decided to instate some policies that will minimize my procrastination.  Please note I am not aiming for complete elimination of procrastination. I think we all need zone-out/down time, but it's the "how much" that is crucial.  So here are my policies.  
  1. TV watching only on Fridays (up to 2 hours)
  2. Set a timer to blog reading (up to 30 min daily)
  3. Shopping only on Saturdays (up to 4 hours) but no online shopping
  4. Make To do schedules- once per week
  5. Instead of pigging out, try gentle yoga
I know old habits are hard to change so I dug up my "change -a-habit in 21 days notebook" (by Kikki K) that I picked up in Australia, to help me out:

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