Monday, November 5, 2012

Weaknesses? Nope. At least not for 1 Day.

Happy Monday!

I know.. I detest Mondays too but they always come, every week, whether we like it or not.. so I thought I'd create a 1 day challenge to throw us off our Monday blues.  List your weaknesses.  Yep, all of them.  Have a quick temper? Bad at cleaning? Eat poorly? Don't exercise enough? Drive too fast? Can't keep a clean room? Love sugar too much?

Now, just for one day- don't let yourself give into those weaknesses.  Just One Day.  You can do this.  One day is nothing!  Why? It's a fun challenge, and who knows? Maybe you'll get hooked? Either way, give it a go.  Any moment of the day is a good time to start.

Wary? I will start then.  My weaknesses include but aren't limited to the following:

  • Bad and too much eating - give into cravings all the time!
  • Do not exercise enough
  • Cannot get up without pressing the snooze button
  • Procrastinate 
  • Get myself too worked up & being inhibited by my anxieties
  • Don't call friends enough
  • Don't treat myself well internally- emotionally and physical-health wise
  • Hold on to grudges too long
  • Don't speak up enough to close friends and family about what I need or feel
Okay, now let's get started!

P.S. Boston is getting chilly!!!

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